[B-Greek] Carl Conrad's account of Voice and Deponency

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I notice that in English if you 'heal a diseass' you eliminate the disease
but if you 'heal a body' the body returns to it's own proper function. (ex.
if you go to a doctor to 'heal' you ear ache he may give you an anti biotic
that acts on bacteria, killing them. But for a broken arm the doctor can
only provide the conditions for the bone to act on itself, growing
together.) It seems to me that there might be some connection with the
distinction between action on a disease state and involvement in the body's
action on itself and the different voice that these two Greek verbs have.



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> Hi everyone,
> This is my first post - so please be nice :)
> I have been thinking about Voice and Deponency lately and I've just read
> Carl Conrad's New Observations on Voice in the Ancient Greek Verb (
> http://www.artsci.wustl.edu/~cwconrad/docs/NewObsAncGrkVc.pdf) and found
> it very interesting and it rings true in many ways.
> I've been trying out a bunch of verb-pairs which are 'Deponent' and
> non-'Deponent' synonyms as a way of seeing the theory in action.
> Take IAOMAI and QERAPEUW, both meaning 'to heal'. IAOMAI is 'deponent'
> (under the old way of talking about these things) and QERAPEUW
> (non-deponent).
> In Luke 9:1-2 Jesus summons the 12 and
> "1 He gave them power and authority over all the demons, and |power| to
> heal (QERAPEUW) diseases.  2 Then He sent them to proclaim the kingdom of
> God and to heal (IAOMAI) the sick."
> I am struggling to see how a 'subject focus' can be seen in v2, but not in
> v1 for the healing verb.
> Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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