[B-Greek] referential complexity: frames & scenarios and Galatians 6:18

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Galatians 6:18

>I believe that at least part of the value of theology students studying
> at least some NT Greek - even if most do not go on to use it - is that
> they are forced to face the fact that we *cannot* satisfactorily explain
> every text in the NT, even when we know Greek.  It removes the illusion
> that the 'problems' with the text lie in the translations.  My own
> belief is that the apparent contradictions, ambiguities, etc are often
> really there in the original Greek text, and God wants it that way to
> remind us we are only humans.  However we explain the fact that we can't
> explain every text, discovering that we can't is not only frustrating
> but good for us.

If students apply themselves well, they do come to realize this.  For 
others, I remind them of Athanasius and Arius.  Both knew Greek really well, 
after all... :)

N.E. Barry Hofstetter
Classics and Bible Instructor, TAA
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