[B-Greek] referential complexity: frames & scenarios and Galatians 6:18

Kevin Riley klriley at alphalink.com.au
Tue Apr 27 20:45:24 EDT 2010

I believe that at least part of the value of theology students studying 
at least some NT Greek - even if most do not go on to use it - is that 
they are forced to face the fact that we *cannot* satisfactorily explain 
every text in the NT, even when we know Greek.  It removes the illusion 
that the 'problems' with the text lie in the translations.  My own 
belief is that the apparent contradictions, ambiguities, etc are often 
really there in the original Greek text, and God wants it that way to 
remind us we are only humans.  However we explain the fact that we can't 
explain every text, discovering that we can't is not only frustrating 
but good for us.

Kevin Riley

On 27/04/2010 8:38 PM, Carl Conrad wrote:
> But we obviously have NOT grown up and acquired Hellenistic Greek in 
> the 1st century -- and therefore a small percentage of 1868 current 
> subscribers to B-greek sit at computers and exchange questions and 
> conjectures about how elements of the Biblical Greek text are to be 
> understood. We are all frustrated, I think, by questions regarding the 
> Biblical Greek text for which we have no ready and fully-satisfying 
> answers, and so, rightly or wrongly, we continue to think it useful 
> share our questions and responses (not necessarily answers) with each 
> other.
> Carl W. Conrad
> Department of Classics, Washington University (Retired)

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