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Cultural attitudes aside, is the word more like a house sitter rather than a house cleaner? I know "keep" could mean "to protect", so the word could mean house protector or is the word inclusive of both terms as Marion has indicated?

Michael Lawson
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  On Apr 26, 2010, at 12:00 PM, Marion Fox wrote:
  > What is the basic meaning of the word "OIKOUROS?"
  > Does it mean: "Keeper of the house" or "worker at home" or something else?
  > Yours in His service,

  I assume you do indeed mean OIKOUROS, which is not a Biblcial Greek word, rather than OIKOURGOS.
  Here is the LSJ entry:

  watching or keeping the house, of a watch-dog, Ar.V.970 ; of a cock, Plu.2.998b ; OI. OFIS, of the sacred serpent in the Acropolis, Ar.Lys.759, Phylarch.72 J., Hsch.
  keeping at home : as Subst., OIKOUROS, hH, mistress of the house, housekeeper, S.Fr. 487, E.Hec.1277 : as Adj., Id.HF45 (masc.) ; hH QEOS hH KALOUMENH OI. PLond.1.125v.11 (v A.D.) ; used in praise of a good wife, Ph.2.431, D.C.56.3.
  contemptuously of a man, stay-at-home, opp. one who goes forth to war, LEONT' ANALKIN . . OIKOURON A.Ag.1225, cf. 1626, Din.1.82 ; TON hUGRON TOUTON KAI OI. Plu.2.751a ; DIAITA OI. KAI ARGH Id.Per.34.

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