[B-Greek] Are they the same?

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They are intended to be the same.  As to differences, that would be impossible to say -- presumably there wouldn't be any.  The Tree of Life in Revelation is to indicate a return to the beginning in the Garden whereby all things are restored to their primal condition, i.e. man is restored to his original purity and right relation with God.


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We have in Gn 2:9 the first, within the Bible, "xylos tes zoés" (the tree of
the life) (God puts in the Garden).
And we have in Rev 22:19 the last, within the Bible, "xylos tes zoés" (the
tree of the life).

1. Are these two trees quite the same thing?
2. Are there any differences between them?
3. If there are, which are the main differences?

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