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Wed Apr 21 09:06:56 EDT 2010

The excerpts George cites from a pseudo-Athanasian (late 4th cent? 5th
cent.?) dialogue between one Mr. Orthodox (ORQ.) and one Mr.
Macedonian (MAKED.) appear to be arguing for the divinity of the Holy
Spirit by showing that the PNEUMA must be identified with or included
in the QEOS in QEOPNEUSTOS. They're interesting, but I don't think
they shed any light on CM's question (what does the phrase
[deutero-]Pauline phrase GRAFH QEOPNEUSTOS imply regarding the
inerrancy of Scripture). That's because the author of the dialogue is
arguing, as the Migne title indicates, De sancta trinitate, not De
sacra scriptura.

James Ernest

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