[B-Greek] "result" expressed by adverbial participles?

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Tue Apr 20 17:51:36 EDT 2010

On Apr 20, 2010, at 9:51 AM, Steve Runge wrote:

> The preoccupation with classification for the sake of translation has done much to distract attention from understanding the discourse function of the Greek participle.

R.Hoyle[1] has a long discussion of the discourse function of the Greek participle. The prenuclear participles, according to Hoyle, fill a slot in the scenario of the main verb.  One observation you will not find in traditional grammars is the distinction between hearer-old and discourse-old information. Participles before the main verb (prenuclear) always present hearer-old information (from the author's perspective). They may also present discourse-old information. But scenario of the main verb will activate the hearer-old information in the participle even if it is not discourse-old. This is one reason scenario theory is important for understanding participles. 

Don't send me e-mails asking for an explanation. I will not respond.  Hoyle's paper is out there for the taking. Read him. 

Elizabeth Kline

[1] Chapter 5, Richard A. Hoyle, Scenarios, discourse and translation.  SIL 2008

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