[B-Greek] "result" expressed by adverbial participles?

Daniel L Christiansen dlc at multnomah.edu
Tue Apr 20 15:42:55 EDT 2010

May I add a hearty "Amen" to Carl's (and others') comments regarding
contextual determination of syntactical categories. My students learn
laundry-lists of the categories, and numerous rules on how to apply which
category in what NT verse. They do fairly well ... and then they get into
fourth-year Greek, where they read LXX, Apostolic Fathers, Aristotle,
Demosthenes! Without a prior knowledge of what the text is "supposed" to
say, they find that their rules don't always help much in making sense of
the authors' uses. At this point, with only three weeks left in the year,
they laugh (bitterly but knowingly) when I remind them that "It's not a
rule: that's just the way a particple/accusative/infinitive/ktl is able to
be used." Amazingly, they come to realize that Greek is a language much like
English or any other, fluid and wayward, with a mind of its own.

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