[B-Greek] Educational Greek Site in beta testing; feedback + critiques?

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I like it. 

From a learner's perspective, I think that a graded reading program would be useful. The graded reading programs (Mounce's being one of them) that I have seen don't really lay out goals for a day-to-day program. Reaching small achievable goals is a very important part of staying motivated (Basic psychology principles apply).  

Eg. A person starts off on stage 1 which includes reading one or two verses from say 1 John each day. Within a month, that becomes three or four verses (Stage 2). This would continue until a person is reading a chapter/s a day from various places in the NT (The advances have to be slow and gradual) in the same way that a person doesn't start off running a marathon from being a couch potato. Rather, a graded running program is built on slow and gradual goal progression as is most (if not all) exercise programs. 
Stephen Young

On 20/04/2010, at 1:28 AM, Nigel Chapman wrote:

> Hi,
> If anyone here has an interest in Greek NT websites, I'd love some
> feedback on a project I've been tinkering with for a while, and which I
> think is getting near usable.
>    http://jesus.com.au
> There was a similar project called zhubert.com a few years ago, but it was
> shut down after the German Bible Society made a copyright claim against
> it. This is intended to fill the gap it left, but to have a better
> interface, and to be impervious to copyright concerns. (I think a few
> people have started projects of this sort.)
> I'd particularly like to hear from list members with experience teaching
> College level Greek classes; how you could picture this being useful for
> students (or not), and how it might be improved. Any feedback would be
> greatly appreciated.
> Best regards,
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