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>I learned from Machen, 1971-72. My old copy sets in my library in a
> place of great honour. I still think it is the best, albeit linguistic
> theory militates against it.
> I would stand by it, as I learned well and have kept up and used my
> Greek over all these years. I am now an Orthodox priest and a diocesan
> ecclesiarch. In the course of my work, I regularly consult books written
> in mesoellenika and neoellenika, as well as ancient Greek.
> Yay for Machen!

I taught out of Machen at WTS for 4 years, and variously tutored students 
from it for years before that.  I always felt that it needed too much 
supplementing, that it could have been organized a bit better (especially 
those latter chapters), and that some of it was overwritten -- too much 
explanation, to the point of being confusing (especially the chapters on 
participles).  Some of the exercises in the later chapters are too much like 
the NT to give the students a really good workout for their money.

I tutored once using Dan's revision, and while there was some improvement, I 
thought much more could have been done.  It was a chance to introduce a 
really excellent text, and all we got was a mildly revised one.

And I am a traditionalist -- currently using Crosby and Schaeffer...

N.E. Barry Hofstetter
Classics and Bible Instructor, TAA
Mentor, TNARS


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