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Although I love and use Mounce, I would recommend the Dan McCartney's revision of Machen. It's a bit pricey (retails for $70)

New Testament Greek for Beginners (2nd Edition) (Hardcover)
Hardcover: 400 pages 
Publisher: Prentice Hall; 2 edition (October 11, 2003) 
ISBN-10: 013184234X 
ISBN-13: 978-0131842342 


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> The first Greek class I took more
> than 10 years ago was with Machen's
> original 1920's text.  I am currently teaching Greek
> at a small Christian
> school in Maryland and have found his methods to be
> indispensible.  My
> students are 7th & 8th graders, 50% of which have come
> from public grammar
> schools and therefore have had no formal grammar
> lessons.  Without Machen's
> style of repetition, simple introductory exercises, and
> English to Greek
> translation I would never get through to these
> students.  We had chosen
> Mounce's text for our curriculum, but I find that his
> audience had to be
> rhetoric age students and his method of using scripture for
> his exercises,
> while he translates for you, all of the words and parts of
> speech that he
> hasn't yet introduced to be as cumbersome as this sentence
> that I just
> wrote.
> Does any know of any other curricula that teaches Greek at
> a logic level of
> learning?
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> Ernie and Berel,
> I am on the last chapter of the first edition of Machen's
> New Testament
> Greek for Beginners. There are 33 chapters 
> by the way. There is a study guide with an answer key put
> out by David L.
> Thompson. The study guide is very thorough 
> but there are some errors in the answer key, more than I
> expected. You are
> correct that the end of the book, namely
> the last two chapters are rushed. Overall, despite
> criticism of the book
> being antiquated by some in b-greek, 
> the book's main benefit is the English to Greek translation
> exercises in my
> opinion. I found that I learned the 
> material better than the book I originally studied which
> was Summer's
> Essentials of New Testament Greek. One 
> can also search under Yahoo! Groups with the search word
> <Machen> to see our
> group's answers to the exercises 
> under the messages' link if a study guide is not
> appropriated. Thompson also
> gives you translation exercises from
> the New Testament in each chapter of his study guide but
> not from the
> Septuagint. 
> Michael Lawson
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>   Berel,
>   > learn Koine Greek specifically with an eye to
> reading the Septuagint.
>   If the student will accept a traditional
> approach,  Machen's New Testament
>   Greek for Beginners is good.  There's a new
> edition that I haven't seen,
> but 
>   the old one was republished constantly from 1923, so
> it should not be hard
>   to find, although it is often a bit pricey, for as
> small a book as it is.
>   It is like (if you don't know it) a very bare-bones
> Wheelock, but for
> koine 
>   Greek.  If I recall correctly, the end is a bit
> rushed, and in a couple of
>   places too-similar material is presented in the same
> (consecutive?) 
>   chapter(s), but I used it 20 years ago, helped by an
> extremely kind friend
>   who corrected the exercises, and it was excellent.
>   Towards the end of working through it I easily began
> reading Mark, then
> the 
>   other Evangelists, and then Tobit from the
> Septuagint, etc
>   But it is _very_ traditional.  Grammar
> presentation, paradigms to
> memorize, 
>   and vocabulary to learn.  20 (usually)
> Greek-to-English and nearly as many
>   English-to-Greek sentences per chapter, of which
> there are about 38.  You 
>   would have to correct the exercises for the student,
> or a key would have
> to 
>   be found.  There is no "cultural studies" type
> of material, other than
> what 
>   is in the introduction.  That sort of thing
> would have to come from 
>   elsewhere, if it is important to the student.
>   Ernie Sjogren
>   P.S.--I could be wrong about the number of chapters.
> I do not have a copy
> in 
>   English, here, but my Russian translation ("and
> adaptation") has only 33 
>   chapters.
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