[B-Greek] STHKW e.g. Philippians 1:27

John Sanders john.franklin.sanders at gmail.com
Mon Apr 12 01:41:53 EDT 2010


“How common is it to have a verb based off a particular stem of a [more
common] verb?”

There is only one verb here.  English does not have an equivalent verb used
in the same way, so it may lead one to think that this verb is a strange
animal of some kind.  It is not.

MARKOS has given you some sound indication of usage; that is, the present,
imperfect, future, and 1st aorist are transitive and the 2nd aorist,
perfect, and pluperfect are intransitive.  The future may be of some
difficulty, since the intransitive future is represented by the middle voice
and the transitive middle is represented by the “passive” voice.

I personally take Dr. Buth’s philosophy on these matters; that is, instead
of attempting to determine why, I just take it that is the way Greeks talked
and go from there.

For what it may be worth, if anything, I have made a number of exercises
using the various forms of ISTHMI and practice them to develop a feeling for
the differences between transitive and intransitive (that is, all in Greek,
no English).

John Sanders
Suzhou, China

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