[B-Greek] When Dead Tongues Speak

Nichael Cramer nichael at sover.net
Sun Apr 11 08:37:20 EDT 2010

This is a bit off-topic, but this thread touches on a fantasy I've 
had for some time.

In short, I'm on a journey somewhere far away and I find myself with a stranger
(say, as a seat partner on a long flight).  However we soon discover 
that I know
none of the half-dozen languages that my new companion speaks (fluently), nor
does s/he know the single language (English) which I speak.

However, we then discover, somewhat to our surprise, that we both know
NT greek (or at least "enough") and are able to carry on a, albeit 
somewhat stilted,

Has anyone ever had an experience like this?


[P.S. One obvious problem with my daydream is that it skips over the
issue of vocabulary.   I've often told friends who had studied a 
modern language
that a major difference is that I never learned all of the standard phrases
that one learns in, say, freshman French.   While I could form, in Koine,
a perfectly good sentence about the forgiveness of sin through the 
by grace, I could never, for example, speak about "the color of my aunt's velo"
or ask for fries with my hamburger.  Similarly a once friend 
described an experience
during which, while completing the requirements for a master's degree in
medieval languages, he had to write a 2000 word theme in Anglo-Saxon.
His theme --like most of his classmates'-- involved slaughtering a thousand
warriors in a mead hall, simply because that was all the vocabulary that
they had available to him.]
Nichael Cramer
Guilford VT
nichael at sover.net

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