[B-Greek] When Dead Tongues Speak

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Thanks for finding this, Louis.  I just read Sapphire's chapter, which
was great.  I have worked through her book Ancient Greek Alive
a few times, which is also excellent.
She says something in When Dead Tongues Speak which has
also occurred to me, that we need a 500 page book of Easy,
INTERESTING Greek.  It would have to be made up stuff, preferably
with an on-going narrative and super easy.  She seems to think this
would help with internalization, and that makes sense to me.

Mark L


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Another book on using verbal methods for Greek (and Latin) is the book "When dead tongues speak: teaching beginning Greek and Latin"  By John Gruber-Miller, Oxford Press, 2006. Preview available on Google Books at  

Look at chapter 8 "Ancient Greek in Classroom Conversation" by Paula Sapphire. This looks like a must read for anyone interested in the why and how. Has anyone read this yet?

Louis Sorenson
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