[B-Greek] prepositions and cases - Silvia Luraghi 2003

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Thu Apr 8 22:37:09 EDT 2010

On Apr 8, 2010, at 3:33 PM, Carl Conrad wrote:

>> I wonder what sort of problems one will introduce into their "framework" by assuming that the semantic roles for cases and prepositions have *all* been derived metaphorically from spacial relationships. When did this happen? A thousand years before the Iliad?
> I don't know that it's possible to demonstrate that proposition conclusively, but I believe it is true. What convinces me is that a primary sense of local relationship is patently evident within the range of usage of all the genuine prepositions in ancient Greek, the more so in the earlier literary evidence. The metaphorical extensions of the spatial senses are also, I think, generally discernible without any great indulgence in pure speculation.

Thank you Carl,

I will have to read the rest of the book to see how impacts the argument. I have to say, the R.Hoyle paper is looking a lot better after working with for a while. 

>> I am also continuing to read Hoyle's paper[1] on Scenarios. Both authors claim to be working within the cognitive school of linguistics, both cite Fillmore, Lakoff, etc. Reading them at the same time is an eye opener. You would conclude from a superficial reading of Silvia Luraghi that she had anything what ever to do with frame semantics.
> Is there a negative or a qualifying adverb ("hardly"?) missing there somewhere?

Yes, one of at least five grammatical infelicities in this post. 

Elizabeth Kline

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