[B-Greek] Biblical Ulpan at Cana in Galilee

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καλως, καλως, καλως. μαλιστα αγαπω τουτο. 
χαιρω βλεπων ταυτην κινηματαγραφην. παντα λογους
συνιημι. ευχαριστω σοι. πλειον θελω. δος εμοι πλειον,
I understand that it is not either/or.  I understand that
you can do this sort of thing AND read 800 pages of
NT Greek Linguistics in English to learn how KAI differs
from DE or what is REALLY going on in a Genitive Absolute.
If we had but world enough and time, we could do both.
Some people, I suppose, would have fun doing both.
If they gave Nobel Prizes for Greek Pedagogy, Randall Buth would
be on his way to Stockholm. 

Mark L


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Randall Buth's group is in the Galilee now and a video has been posted
on the Alef and Omega blog:


There's a reading and discussion of the story in the second chapter
of John, in reconstructed Koine Greek. These people are having
fun, it would appear.

Carl W. Conrad
Department of Classics, Washington University (Retired)

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