[B-Greek] question regarding 1 Tim 6:10

Bryant J. Williams III bjwvmw at com-pair.net
Fri Apr 2 02:47:37 EDT 2010

Dear Rod,

Yancey will probably forgive you. As for myself, I am constantly reminding
myself about "hoof-in-mouth" disease. So, Please pass the salt and pepper.

"Let the meditations of my mind and the words of my mouth be as sweet as honey
for I may have to them."

En Xristwi,

Rev. Bryant J. Williams III

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> I'm afraid I was overly rash in my comments to Yancy. I should
> not have said to "pay attention". I'm sure Yancy is better than I
> at concentrating. I also realize that the thread took of on a
> different aspect than what I had originally commented on. What I
> said I believe to be true I only should learn to be more kind in
> my responses. Sorry if this causes any problems for you. I guess
> I touchéd myself.
> rod rogers
> bargersville, in
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