[B-Greek] At least linguists have a sense of humor

Mark Lightman lightmanmark at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 1 16:44:53 EDT 2010

There is definitely some good stuff here.  Much of it I got and laughed,
liked this
<Reduplication is a dish best served twice.>
Some of it I did not get and still laughed:
<Morpheme. Bound Morpheme.>
I could tell that this is funny even though I did not get the
But one puzzled me
<Every time you mistranslate, God kills a kitten. >
I suppose I could try to google this to figure it out, but if
anyone wants to help me out I would appreciate it.  It seems like
this joke might relate to B-Greek somehow.
And I fell for how to Do Field Work in Indo-European in one
step (find a native speaker.)
Yes, if we cannot laugh now, when can we laugh?
And if not at this, then at what.  And if not us, then who? 

Mark L


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For evidence, see Mike Aubrey's blog entry today and follow the URLs
fearlessly wherever they take you:


Now will some dead grammarian venture forth to
stand a prepositional phrase on its head? or take an adverbial
accusative to court for adjudication and assignment to a sentence?

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