[B-Greek] Where does meaning come from?

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Even if the linguistic meaning of Paul's statement were "every sort of evil" it still constitutes an exaggeration. No problem there, the point would be, "many sorts of evil." So I will engage in a bit of exaggeration. Everyone reads Paul as if he didn't exaggerate.

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>>> Mark is correct to infer that Paul's meaning 
>>> cannot possibly be that the love of money is actually the root of 100% all 
>>> evils, despite the fact that the linguistic meaning is precisely that. But we 
>>> must allow Paul the freedom we give ourselves, to quote and shape and 
>>> exaggerate and skew linguistic and speaker meaning.
>>> The first two paragraphs above are adapted from Sperber and Wilson, Relevance: 
>>> Communication and Cognition.
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> Even though I agree with the spirit of thought, I wouldn't agree that here Paul says that, "love of money is actually THE root of 100% ALL evils". Ρίζα RIZA is unarticulated and παντων PANTWN can mean, instead of "all", "every short of". The meanning of this phrase, as long as I understand it in Greek, is: "Love of money causes every short of evils", which is not really an exaggeration.
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