[B-Greek] Top Ten Ways to say "Biblical Greek" in Biblical Greek

Mark Lightman lightmanmark at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 1 06:48:56 EDT 2010

Top Ten Ways to say “Biblical Greek” in Biblical Greek
10.  Βιβλικη Ελληνικη           (BIBLIKH hELLHNIKH)
9.  των βιβλιων η γλωσσα       (TWN BIBLIWN hH GLWSSA)
8.  Not in a way, I think, wherein a consensus
among List members is likely to ensue.  Sometimes you
just have to agree to disagree over what the word
“disagree” means. 
7.  η φωνη η ιερα          (hH FWNH hH hIERA)
6.  ??????  ????????   (if you don’t use Unicode, and
you don’t transliterate per the B-Greek protocols, and
your computer cannot read Greek letters because it
was built before the Berlin Wall came down.  We don’t
change this rule DIA TI?  Because why?  What century
is this?) 
5.  "I had a question about the phrase "Biblical 
Greek."  What kind of genitive is "biblical?"
To the extent that the sense unit "Biblical
Greek" is semantically multivalent, would
the phonemic intent be discursive or
ergo-pragmatic?  In other words, in the 
phrase "Biblical Greek," is it possible that
the word "Greek" means not "the language
spoken by the Greeks," but something more
akin to “Please stop sitting on my pastrami
sandwich?” Any thoughts on this topic
will be appreciated."
4.  Βητα Γραικος           (BHTA GRAIKOS)
3.  If, like me, you are a beginner, probably something like this:
"of a book, the Greek woman, the tongue...
Wait, I don't get it.  Where's the main verb?"
2.  John Smith wrote:
<How do you say "Biblical Greek" in Biblical Greek?>
Hi, John,
Yours is an excellent question.  One of my pet peeves
on B-Greek is that quite often when a question is asked,
instead of answering the question, people use the question
as an occasion to go off into tangential subjects which are
often not really related to the original question.  The real question
is not how one says “Biblical Greek” in Biblical Greek, but rather how one
pronounces it.  Your question reminds me of that scene from the Godfather Part 2 
where Fredo asks Michael Corleone "How do you say “banana
daiquiri?” in Spanish and Michael answers "banana daiquiri."
I have consistently argued that the problem with the Godfather Part 3 
is not Copula's daughter per se, but the fact that the script is very
weak in the second half of the film.  Ruth a greater player than Bonds?
Are you crazy? (cf. Acts 26:24.)  If you look at the slugging percentage
and the number of outfield assists, it becomes fairly evident that…” 
And the number one way to say "Biblical Greek" in Biblical
1.  πανυ γε δη τε αρα τε γε «Biblical Greek» δη αρουν ναι μα Δια μην ουν δη τε δη δη.
(No, wait, that would be “Biblical Greek” in Attic Greek.  Strike that. Forget I said anything.)   :)  :)  :)

Mark L



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