[B-Greek] Forming Nouns from Verbs?

Timothy S. Nelson wayland at wayland.id.au
Thu Oct 29 07:43:47 EDT 2009

 	Hi all.  I'll start by giving a little background to my question; 
maybe it will help.

 	I'm about to begin participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writer's 
Month; 50,000 words in November), and I've decided to try to do a novel 
written in English, but in which all the names are Koine (using the actual 
letters, too, not English transliterations).  The character's names, rather 
than being actual Greek names, are instead Greek nouns (I hope nouns is the 
word I want here :) ).  So for example, I have a main character called Θυγάτηρ 
(QUGA/THR) which I'm hoping means "daughter" (my Analytical Greek Lexicon by 
Wesley J. Perschbacher says it does).  Just to make things more fun, I'm 
pretty much a complete beginner in Greek (I once got up to lesson 17 in 
Wenham's "The Elements of New Testament Greek" before circumstances forced me 
out of the class I was in; I also spent some time with a Greek NT and an 
Analytical Lexicon on the train, picking up bits that way, but not much).

 	These names are intended to indicate something about the character. 
But I'm also hoping that they will give people a bit of a feel for words in NT 
Greek that are not immediately familiar to an English-speaking person 
(although some of them are); to this end, I've been using "Lexical Aids for 
Students of New Testament Greek", by Bruce M. Metzger, which groups words by 
how often they appear; I'm attempting to select words that appear at least 
moderately frequently.

 	Names such as the one mentioned above are hopefully fairly 
straightforward, but there are some names that I'd like to use where I have a 
verb, and would like to form a noun from it.  I've borrowed "A New Short 
Grammar of the Greek Testament (10th Edition)", by A. T. Robertson and W. 
Hershey Davis, which seems to indicate that this can be done.  I'd thus like 
to ask for help with two particular names, in hopes that, by seeing how things 
work in these two cases, I can figure out some of the rest myself.  I'd have 
spent more time on this, and gotten more resources, but I'd really like to get 
the names nailed down better before 2 November, when I start my novel.

 	The first name I'd like to ask about is to be formed from the verb 
Χωρέω (XWRE/W).  The character's job in the book it walk before the Governor 
in the street shouting "Make way, make way".  So I figured he'd be an Agent. 
The book I have says that most nouns of this type are formed with the -της 
(-THS) suffix.  My first question is, is there a way to tell whether this is 
the right suffix, or do I just have to know which one goes with which word? 
My second question is, while I know that the long vowel constrains the accent 
to the final two syllables, is there a way to tell which it is?  I note that 
all the -της (-THS) words offered as examples have it on that syllable; is 
this always the case?

 	My guess is Χωρετής (XWRETH/S).  But I'm so

 	The second name I want to ask about is to be formed from the verb Θέλω 
(QE/LW).  The thing I want to convey about this character is that they're 
quite strong-willed.  I'm aware that there's a different word that translates 
roughly as self-willed (αυθαδεις (AUQADEIS)), but I'm not so keen on using 
that because it doesn't seem to appear as often, and also this character 
changes from someone who is indeed selfish (self-willed) to someone who is 
strong-willed, but (hopefully) puts their strong will to better use.  So I'm 
wondering if here the suffix I want isn't a Quality one (I hope Quality is a 
standard category for this sort of thing; it's the label my book uses, 
anyway).  The options offered by my grammar are:
-τητ nom. -της		(-THT, nominative -THS)
-συνα nom. -σύνη	(-SUNA, nominative -SU/NH)
-ια			(-IA)

 	Again, is there a way to tell which to use?  And since this is a 
female character, is there a feminine form I should be using?

 	Thanks for any help!

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