[B-Greek] AT Robertson' A Grammar of the Greek New Testament

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Wed Oct 28 22:54:25 EDT 2009

I have embedded the Cardo and Ezra SIL fonts in the file, as those who did not have those fonts on their system could not see the Greek/Hebrew Correctly. The files are a little bigger though by about 3 meg.


Louis Sorenson

Hello all,

I have been working on updating the Word Document file of AT Robertson's 1919 big Grammar:  A Grammar of New Testament Greek in Light of Historical Research.

It was originally done by Ted Hildebrandt. There are many changes to this document, including headers with page numbers, a generated index, with internal links from the Table of Contents, etc. It is in unicode and the text can be cut and pasted into another application such as Windows Notepad an appear correctly.

Currently-, the Hebrew gets messed up by most pdf converters. So the original PDF version of Ted Hildrebrant (not unicode) is another option. It can be found at his Mastering New Testament Greek eResources page.

There are a number of versions: 
1) Word 1997-2003  .doc  20meg
2) Word 2007 .docx  9meg
3) Word 2007 with macros for changing fonts based on their unicode values. .docm 9meg

The files can be found at http://www.letsreadgreek.org/resources/robertsongrammar

Louis Sorenson 
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