[B-Greek] MISEW in Lk 14:26

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On Oct 27, 2009, at 11:53 AM, Elizabeth Kline wrote:

> On Oct 27, 2009, at 8:47 AM, Aaron Marshall wrote:
>> Hence, MISEW does not mean "to love less"
> J. W. WEVERS, Noteson the Greek Text of Genesis (SBLSCS 35; Atlanta
> 1993) p. 471
> "So MISEITAI is intended as 'less loved'."
Wevers is here going beyond what the text can bear. MISEW is used not  
to balance with v. 30 but because the source text has SN). Whatever  
balancing occurs occurs in the Hebrew text. Whether it occurs in the  
Greek text as well hinges on what MISEW can mean in common usage. But  
to posit a new sense to fit Gen 29:31 clearly will not. The most one  
can do is to invoke the distinction between "reference" and "sense,"  
i.e. between exegesis and lexicography. While in this specific passage  
one might suggest that v.30 may soften the force of MISEW in v. 31,  
MISEW in v. 31 is not thereby given a new sense.
More to the point than Wevers is NETS: "Now when the Lord saw that  
Leia was hated." Lastly, it bears noting that v. 30 reads: (HGAPHSEN  
DE RAXHL) MALLON H (LEIAN). While this might be glossed as "He loved  
Rachel MORE THAN Leia" (so NETS) it might equally well be rendered as  
"He loved Rachel RATHER THAN Leia."

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