[B-Greek] The Lightman Paradox of Greek Audio Learning

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Mon Oct 26 10:21:03 EDT 2009

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> A few months ago,
> a product came out that read the Greek aloud while
> a cursor went over the written Greek text.  This
> detonated on the list an explosion of discussion
> concerning  pronunciation but no one commented
> on the value of the product itself. >
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> The paradox of the Lightman Paradox is that it takes
> much more mental energy to listen to Greek than to read
> Greek, but much LESS mental energy to listen to English
>  than to read English.  This is because, I guess, adults
>  lose the ability to learn how to listen but get better and
> better at learning how to read.
> Mark L

It is very nice to hear a discussion about efficacy of kinds
of listening. Wonderful.

In the past one would hear general comments to the effect
that if one reads and if one listens it will be more effective
than just reading, presumably on the grounds of more sensory input.
sometimes there is an implication that enough listening to
GNT would produced the desired results.

Linguistics on language acquisition talks and walks differently.
The buzzwords there revolve around comprehensible input
and production. Listening can be comprehensible input, so
can reading. Listening in the context of meaningful
communication is the best of all and starts to cement things
in place wherever they need to be cemented. One of the items
in 'real communication' is that one concentrates on the input
because there is no other way of knowing what will be said.
One psychological drawback with listening to the GNT is that
the person usually already knows what will be said, which
dulls the input processing. Or switches the focus from the
meaning (COMPREHENSIBLE input) to the form of the input
medium. Experience tells most who try this that these last
mentioned phenomena are detrimental. So the question

what are effective ways of listening for learning a language?


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