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I would also avoid grammars which concentrate on teaching how to identify a grammatical form by means of how you might translate it into English as does one prominently popular grammar in use today who says:

c. Key to Identification
For the word ofinsert the paraphrase characterized byor described by. If this fits, and if noneof the other uses of the genitive fits, then the genitive is probably a genitive of description.
Daniel B. Wallace. (1999; 2002). Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics - Exegetical Syntax of the New Testament (80). Zondervan Publishing House and Galaxie Software.

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> Personally, I see the "article dilemna" as hopelessly unsolvable.
> Which does not mean we should not try to still figure it out. Perhaps
> "author" usage should take precedence here.


I don't think it is unsolvable. The first step is forget about English  
and don't read grammars that spent all their time showing you  
illustrations on english. Carl's words are ringing in my ears  
"motivated by translation strategies", avoid these books.

It is a big project, but not impossible. Probably on the same scale as  
learning the greek participle. It will take you a few years.

Note the double irony  "like an ESL student looking to Gertrude Stein  
for an understanding of the English syntax" where I misused the  
English article. This a redactional error, "English language" was  
changed to "English syntax" without any adjustment of the noun phrase.  
I can't even tell you why "the English syntax" is wrong but I know it  

Elizabeth Kline

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