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> Where can I find resources to get detailed study on synonyms?

I looked in Trench: "Synonyms of the NT", but he does not mention this pair. Nor 
does William Barclay in his "New Testament Words". I did not find Louw and Nida 
helpful for this pair either. So, I don't know where to look. Any other sources?

> E.g. I see two similar ones from Hb 13:3 & 13:7
> My problem is I can't grasp difference/similarity in meaning and usage
> btw two from BDAG.

As I studied the occurrences in the GNT where MIMNHSKOMAI occurs 23 times (0 in 
LXX) and MNHMONEUW occurs 21 times (26 in the LXX), I suggest that there is a 
slight difference. Whether that holds up to closer scrutiny, I don't know, but 
it is worth looking into.

MNHMONEUW is basically, I think, "keep in mind" or "retain in memory" (you'll 
find these glosses in BAGD). The idea is that you should not forget what you 
already know. (I remember the good old days.)

MIMNHSKOMAI is basically "come to mind, realize". The Middle/Passive forms 
correspond somewhat to English "it occurred to me". Some event or thought made 
me realize something. If an imperative is used it is "put to mind, think about 
it." (When I had closed the car door, I remembered that I had left the keys 

> Two other questions:
> 1. Hb 13:3 is not cited in BDAG. Is it supposed to be cited? Citation
> is not necessarily exhaustive in BDAG?

No, the dictionary is not necessarily exhaustive.

> 2. From e-Sword I get MIMNHSKW for 13:3 (MIMNHSKESQE), but nowhere I
> can find it in BDAG or in Analytical Lexicon (Mounce).  Is there some
> mistake, or do I have to look for somewhere else?

This is the theoretical active form, but does it ever occur? At least not in the 
NT or LXX. That is why BAGD as well as L&N cite the MP form MIMNHSKOMAI as the 
main entry rather than the active form MIMNHSKW.

Iver Larsen 

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