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Hello Aaron:
I'm not a greek master [and am many light years away from that nirvana] so you may delete this response now...
It is IMHO "horses for courses".
When I am "doing greek" [or trying to do greek] I get all the books out [can't afford the software yet!].
When I am reading the scriptures as a a devotional exercise or with no particular greek goal in mind, I use "Max and Mary" Zerwick & Grosvenor A Grammatical Analysis of the Greek New Testament. I write down on a small piece of paper the words I had to look up and slip it into the GNT at the appropriate place.
I must confess -- Recently, Mr. Mark Lightman [FWSANHR?] has more-or-less convinced me that the Reader's GNT would be worth a look. It is in my cross-hairs...and from my investigations looks a better way than my current strategy...

[incidentally, I own Kubo too but don't seem to have used it that much...]

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> I haven't been on this list long, so this may have been discussed at some point. In the recent discussion of interlinears one of the arguments in their favor was that it aided rapid reading for those new to Greek, allowing them to avoid the tedium of looking up every other word in their lexicon. While I would certainly not use one for in-depth exegesis of a particular passage, I have always found a reader's lexicon to be helpful if I just wanted to sit down and practice rapid reading, which I much prefer to the parsing and translation I had to do when I took Greek in college. Could something like Sakae Kubo's Reader's Lexicon be an acceptable compromise between using an interlinear and reading the Greek text with only BAGD or LSJ in hand? By the end of second year Greek one has the base vocabulary to use one effectively. What say the Greek masters among us?
> Aaron Marshall
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