[B-Greek] What resources should be in one's Greek library (was Con Campbell on Interlinears -- ADDENDUM

Mike Noel mike at vnoel.com
Wed Oct 7 12:49:26 EDT 2009

On Wed, Oct 7, 2009 at 8:11 AM, George F Somsel <gfsomsel at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Everything I mentioned excepting the Odyssey, Moule's _Idiom Book_, Thucidides, Herodotus, Plato and (at the moment) Smyth are available in Logos.  I prefer the electronic edition for basically two reasons:
> 1.  They are more easily searchable.
> 2.  They don't occupy any shelf space and are more readily portable (Try taking your library with you on a trip!).

I understand these reasons but I much prefer a print book for the
following reasons:

1) It bothers my eyes to read on a screen for extended periods of time
2) I can't sit in a comfortable chair by the fire and read from a
computer (laptop exception, see below)
3) I can't read from a computer in bed (laptop exception, see below)
4) I can more easily read a book while waiting in the car to pick up
5) I like the feel of a good book in my hand

(laptop exception: I realize that laptops are more portable than
desktops and that they _could_ be used for casual reading in an
armchair or bed but I've tried that before and, at best, it is clunky
and awkward.)

I recognize that the above reasons are all very subjective so I don't
feel on a personal mission to convince everyone to agree with me.  I
have considered getting a book reader (Sony or Kindle) but haven't
yet.  The book reader would cover issues 1-4 but not so much 5.

Anyway, I have been having a very hard time finding print editions of
Greek texts other than the NT.  I saw the Loeb library stuff and I'm
not really happy with it.  The books are too small.  Where are some
good sources to get Greek texts?


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