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Everything I mentioned excepting the Odyssey, Moule's _Idiom Book_, Thucidides, Herodotus, Plato and (at the moment) Smyth are available in Logos.  I prefer the electronic edition for basically two reasons:
1.  They are more easily searchable.
2.  They don't occupy any shelf space and are more readily portable (Try taking your library with you on a trip!).

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I have been studying NT Greek for about 12 years with varying degrees of 
fervor along the way. I would say that I have probably made better 
progress in the last two years than the previous ten. At this point I 
have read almost all of the GNT, and I am now wanting to expand a little 
in my reading. I have done a little reading from the LXX, but I would 
also like to have easier access to Josephus, Philo, the apostolic 
fathers, etc. Unfortunately I have found it nearly impossible to find 
such resources in print. On the other hand, I have found that Logos 
(which I use extensively) has a number of Greek texts available in 
morphologically tagged editions. At this point I am not sure whether to 
seek these (1) in print, (2) in the Logos system, or (3) in another 
software system. Suggestions?

Robert Ellis
Elizabethton, TN
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