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>>I'll risk another post and humbly ask again, "How do you, personally,  
build and maintain your Greek reading and comprehension?"
I don't know enough to disdain interlinears, but I know daily exercise 
is important and using "cheats" cuts down on the intensity of the 
exercise. So I'm asking for the sake of beginners like me what are some 
of the daily Greek exercise routines that can bring gains without 
"pulling a muscle?"<<

Martin, excellent question.  I can't speak from experience in Greek (I have
undergrad and grad degrees in Classics), but I can tell you what I do with
Hebrew (which in my life is closer to the experience of many people with
Greek here).  The most important thing is that whatever you do, do it on a
daily basis!  I try to read at least one verse or short passage of Hebrew a
day, as part of my regular OT reading.  I read through it first simply to
see if I can get the sense of the passage without reference to any
resources.  If necessary, I then go back and a little more carefully look
up any unfamiliar vocabulary and check that I have correctly "parsed" the
verbs.  If I am in preaching mode, I read the entire passage in Hebrew and
work through it in a similar passage.  I have found over the years, when I
have been consistent with this discipline, that my Hebrew not only
maintains, but improves (to the delight, I'm sure, of my former teachers,
who I am sure thought of me as a bit of a problem student).  I have heard
similar "testimonies" from those who have done this with Greek.


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