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Ahh !  That justifies the purchase of an interlinear.  They are quite valuable if they are never used.  :-)

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> I would be curious to
> know how many of us, some now with Ph.Ds, got their first taste of Greek,
> and got hooked on it, through such tools?
> James Bowick

I bought an interlinear NT by mail order from Baker Book House when I was in
junior high school or high school, just out of curiosity. It never hurt me a

Then again, I never used it, as far as I can recall. I do recall seeing it
sitting there on my shelf for years--can't remember whether I eventually
sold it or gave it away. I do think it somehow kept reminding me, until I
got to college and could take my first Greek class, that the New Testament
was written in a mysterious language that I ought to try to learn someday.



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