[B-Greek] Con Campbell on Interlinears

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Both Barry and Paul are "right on" in their statements.  If you really want to get to understand the original, there is no substitute for learning the language.  By "learning the language" I mean learning it well.  You might try looking up the Greek (or Hebrew or Aramaic) words in a good lexicon.  In Greek that means BDAG and in Hebrew either BDB or HALOT (HALOT has the more recent information, but BDB hasn't entirely been supplanted).  When you look up words in the lexicon, don't simply pick what seems most congenial to your view.  See how the words are used in context since the context determines how the word is to be understood.  If the lexicon cites your passage, you can be reasonably sure that the usage they list is the proper one.  While there is room to disagree with the lexicon, unless you have a good knowledge of the language, this is not recommended. 

… search for truth, hear truth, 
learn truth, love truth, speak the truth, hold the truth, 
defend the truth till death.

- Jan Hus

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>>Just to stir the pot...

There are many out there who are seeking to gain a little better
understanding into their sacred text.  Many have neither the time, nor in
some cases the ability, to learn the language. While it is no doubt true
that the use of an Interlinear is absolutely no substitution for learning
the language, I would argue it is a pretty good substitute for strict
dependency on English translations.<<

The things is, they are not getting closer to the Greek -- they are really
looking at a painfully literal sort of English translation that makes them
think they are getting something they can't get from an English
translation, but it's all a fake.  They would be much better off with the
New American Standard and a good exegetical commentary or two.

It's always good to burn the hard copies -- although check it.  When we
were first married, my wife had an interlinear.  She saved the marriage by
agreeing to get rid of it, but when she opened it up, a 20 dollar bill
dropped out...

As for the electronic copies, maybe someone could write a nice worm which
could turn and erase the files whenever someone attempts to open them?


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