[B-Greek] Con Campbell on Interlinears

Michael Aubrey mga318 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 6 12:09:46 EDT 2009

>> The things is, they are not getting closer to the Greek -- they are really
looking at a painfully literal sort of English translation that makes them
think they are getting something they can't get from an English
translation, but it's all a fake.  They would be much better off with the
New American Standard and a good exegetical commentary or two.<<
I agree with so much of this, but I'd say that literal translations are just as 
much a fake way of getting closer to the original text than an interlinear. In
someways perhaps more questionable simply because it's much more 
subtle. The person would doesn't know Greek would be better off learning
how to use and compare multiple translations and think critically about
the differences.



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