[B-Greek] Con Campbell on Interlinears

Paul E. Baronowsky paulb2 at insightbb.com
Tue Oct 6 11:41:12 EDT 2009

James Bowick wrote:
> Just to stir the pot...
> There are many out there who are seeking to gain a little better
> understanding into their sacred text.  Many have neither the time, nor in
> some cases the ability, to learn the language. While it is no doubt true
> that the use of an Interlinear is absolutely no substitution for learning
> the language, I would argue it is a pretty good substitute for strict
> dependency on English translations.

What is the English part of a Greek-English interlinear text if not yet 
another English translation? And, worse perhaps, a translation that uses 
a single English word to gloss a Greek word that may have several 
meanings, both denotations and connotations, that depend on context. If 
one knows no Greek and must depend on a translation, why not use an 
English version that has withstood the test of time? Why should one use 
an interlinear at all, if he/she cannot judge the appropriateness of the 
series of English glosses?

My ability to read Greek with understanding is somewhere between that of 
an advanced beginner and an early intermediate. I usually lurk on this 
list, where I learn a lot. But I felt impelled to come out of lurking 
mode in this case. Now, I'll slink back to the safety of lurking.

Paul E. Baronowsky (Retired research chemist/biochemist)
Evansville, IN, USA
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