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Fri Oct 2 13:07:54 EDT 2009

On Oct 2, 2009, at 9:15 AM, Daniel, Robert S wrote:

> I looked up ZHTEW in BDAG to find what meaning it assigns to the  
> usage in John 1:38. They list this usage under the third meaning,  
> which has to do with desire and wishes, and specifically say that  
> here it means "What do you want?" They also mention "TI ZHTEIS" in  
> Gen. 37:15 as a species of this usage. Especially in the Gen 37:15  
> usage, it seems that the question clearly has to do with the attempt  
> to determine the geographical location of something, in this case  
> Joseph's brothers, and not with Joseph's wishes or desires. I think  
> it was the first meaning given for ZHTEW that has to do with  
> determining the location of something in space (sorry, I don't have  
> my copy of BDAG at hand at the moment), so listing TI + ZHTEW under  
> the third meaning seems to exclude this sense.

This morning we have people asking us to perform as clairvoyants. We  
are supposed to read the minds of F.Danker and CBT (NIV committee).

I would agree with BDAG concerning ZHTEW in John 1:38 on the basis of  
relevance. If someone is following you the most relevant response is  
to enquire about their intentions.

Elizabeth Kline

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