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A "pony" translation of the Greek of Hebrews 9:28 can help sort this out.

Thus the Christ also once having-been-offered for the taking-away sins
of-many (persons), from (the) second (time) apart-from sin he-will-appear
to-the-(ones) awaiting him for salvation.

Leonard said: 
Of all the translations I have consulted, only Darby Translation  
renders this verse thus: "... thus the Christ also, having been once  
offered to bear the sins of many, shall appear to those that look for  
him the second time without sin for salvation."

Notice how the Darby translation has shifted "apart-from sin" from before
"he-will-appear" to try to make it relate adverbially to "to-the-(ones)
awaiting him." This reading is highly unnatural. In the structure
ADVERB--VERB + NP COMPLEMENT the most natural way of taking the ADVERB is
with the VERB. So, the Darby translation has nothing to commend it in terms
of grammar. Also, CWRIS hAMARTIAS is likely a verbal echo of the phrase PERI
hHAMARTIAS, especially in conjunction with the phrase PROSENCQEIS EIS TO
POLLWN ANENEGKEIN hAMARTIAS. PERI hAMARTIAS sometimes gets Englished "as an
offering for sin." It is sacrificial, atonement language, as we have here.
So, a good way to understand CWRIS hAMARTIAS would be "not as an offering
for sin."

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