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Absolutely correct.  It must be remembered that Thayer died about the time the Oxyrhynchus Papyri were discovered which revolutionized Koine Greek lexicography so that he had no benefit of their discovery.  He still held that the NT was written in a "Holy Ghost" Greek which was thus different from normal Greek.  With the publication of Deissmann's _Light from the Ancient East_ and then Moulton and Milligan's _Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament_ all this was changed.  

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Here's another item of some ἀμφισβητῆσις: Logos software  
announced this week that it is preparing an electronic version of the  
1889 edition of Thayer's Lexicon. Some (I won't name names) have  
heralded this. My own sense is that buttered toast has been around  
longer than Thayer's Lexicon and that is because it remains relevant  
to our daily existence. I was wondering whether I was all alone in  
this feeling when, lo and behold, Mark Hoffman has a blog entry  
questioning the move:
We've had this discussion on the utility of this old classic before; I  
don't really want to start it all over again. But I would echo MGVH's  
advice: "If asked, I guess I would tell my students that it is helpful  
if used judiciously, but they would be better off saving up their  
money to get BDAG or the Exegetical Dictionary of the NT."

Carl W. Conrad
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