[B-Greek] Rm. 13:3b: "QELEIS..." WHY is it a question?

Richard Ghilardi qodeshlayhvh at juno.com
Sun May 31 00:29:01 EDT 2009

Hello Folks,

The Voice of Reason is always decisive for me. The well reasoned
responses to Iver, Mark and myself have persuaded me. But I stil stand by
my original opinion that either question or statement form is acceptable
to me. That Voice of Reason, however, is beginning to drown out the other
voice that keeps on repeating "don't you?" and "should want" for "want."
Perhaps some sort of medication would help.

This will be my last word on the subject as well.

Yours in His grace,

Richard Ghilardi - qodeshlayhvh at juno.com
West Haven, Connecticut USA
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