[B-Greek] Rm. 13:3b: "QELEIS..."

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You are very observant to notice this. You're right, all the translations I 
construe it as a question, and the Greek texts of Westcott/Hort, Fodges, and
Robinsom/Pierpont punctuate it as a question. Only NA27/UBS3 has it as
a statement, followed by Zondervan's RGNT. NA 27/UBS3 does not even have
a note. Even the Modern Greek, though carrying no more evidentiary weight than
any other translation, construes it as a question: QELEIS ESU NA MH FOBASAI
NA 25 has it as a question with a note saying that B. Weiss did not mark a 
Why NA27 changed is difficult to know, since it was a poor decision.

Iver Larsen 

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