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I got mine a couple of days ago. I put it on my Ipod, so I can listen to it while inline skating on the bike path at my favorite state park. I had previously studied the first three chapters of John, so I can follow those easily. After Jesus gets into some of his extended discourses, I get lost part of the time. Which is no reflection on the reading, which is very clear and spoken at a comfortable pace. I think that repeated listening will help me understand the difficult parts better, but eventually I will have to go through the process of looking up all the unfamiliar words in BDAG.

Buth's rendering of the accents is interesting. I think he is interpreting them as both stress and pitch accents? The pitch accents are something that I have never heard in any readings (besides Buth's). Fascinating!
Rob Daniel

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It was exciting to get my copy of Randall's John CD today. Have you got yours? What do you think?
David McKay
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