[B-Greek] elthatō

Br Nathan-James mendicantsoul at gmail.com
Wed May 27 06:15:01 EDT 2009



I’m trying to determine the best way to translate elthatō, Verb 3d Person Singular 2nd Aorist Active Imperative erchomai to ensure that I capture the sense of the aorist active imperative.


I looking at this in the context of Matt 6:9-10 where we have three aorist imperatives; (2 passive) ἁγιασθήτω (hagiastheto), γενηθήτω (genetheto) and one active ἐλθέτω (eltheto). What I am after is how to distinguish in english the difference between the two passives and the one active. 


If anyone has any thoughts I’d be happy to know ... reading grammars does not seem to get me where I would like to go.





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