[B-Greek] Hellenists

Verner Ulrich theverner at gmail.com
Tue May 26 11:03:34 EDT 2009

 I read a commentary this weekend on Acts that claims that (ELLHNOS could be
understood as "Hellenized Israelite."  I find that problematic but I have a
question. Is there an unambiguous Greek word that would have meant "Gentile"
with no possibility of confusion that Luke could have used to indicate
someone was a non-Israelite?  Thanks.


Thanks Ken - and others . . .

I find it a little interesting that we might have *trouble
thinking*Hellenists were Jews in Acts 6 . . .the context tells us
Gentiles were not
approached or shared with in reference to the Jesus Gospel until chapter 10
. . .so the context seems to tell us these were Jews who lived in Greek
speaking areas . . .in other words Hellenist speakers compared to "in house
Jewish widows" . . .and maybe I'm being tooooo simplistic . . .but - this
doesn't seem to me to be such a "problematic" conclusion, which I have yet
to find any other conclusion in this reference situation.

Please tell me what I am missing . . .the Verner

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