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I don't believe the BibleWorks fonts are unicode.  Unless it can be shown that they are, I would recommend avoiding them.  A unicode font is a unicode font is a unicode font if it covers the language area desired.  There are a number of good polytonic Greek fonts available free on the internet.  If you have trouble locating them, I would be willing to assist, but they are easily located by googling "Titus Cyberbit Basic", "SIL Galatia", or "Cardo" (as well as others).  You should be warned that certain fonts lack some characters so you should test them for completeness.  One character that has shown up missing is a lower case digamma which will become evident in some words in LSJ.  Alexander is correct that you can type polytonic Greek with Windows Xp out of the box (with a few adjustments in the "Regions and Languages" section of the Control Panel.  He is, however, also correct that the layout is NOT INTUITIVE so I would recommend that you
 install the Logos Biblical Greek Keyboard as recommended by Sarah Blake.  It also comes with a PDF file giving instructions.  Since she neglected to supply the URL, here it is


BTW:  The characters which have the accents and / or breathings built into them are known as "precomposed characters."


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You can download excellent fonts for free from BibleWorks.com. They're easy
to use -- but you need to embed them in documents for others to be able to
read them. You can add accents at will using the directions on  the site. I
can send you (offline) directions if it's hard to access on the site.
Also -- I just purchased the BibleWorks version 8 software program, and the
Bible text uses Palatino Linotype, which can be read even in e-mails, and
seems to be universal. However, each letter is its own symbol (e.g., an
alpha with a smooth breathing mark is one symbol, an alpha with a smooth
breathing mark AND an acute accent is another symbol), so its benefit is for
copying Bible text. The downloadable fonts, though, are great for typing --
I've been using them for 10 years.


On Sat, May 23, 2009 at 8:27 AM, <pk_ndrw at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

> Hello Everybody,
> I was wondering if anyone could help me?
> I was wondering if there is a free software program available on the
> Internet that would allow me to type all forms of Greek with ‘Apostrophes,
> Coronis, Accents (acute, graves, circumflexes) and Diaeresis?’  Up until now
> I have been able to type Greek but not use any accents in my messages. The
> only way I can use accents is when writing or translating texts by hand on
> paper.
> At present I am using Windows XP and Yahoo mail to type in both Ancient
> (Classical and Koine) and Modern Greek, but I don’t have a program that will
> enable me to use ‘Accents’; so I would appreciate some help and advise
> please?
> From Andrew Pike
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