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There are several utilities to type Greek and Hebrew in unicode. The simplest is the Unicorn notepad utility
which can be found on the GreekStudy website (www.quasillum.com).  It's like a notepad utility, and does not allow a mixture of bold/regular text or simultaneous use of different fonts and font sizes. But it is extremely easy to use. Using
the Control+G key switches the background to green and you can begin
typing using betacode (English characters) for the Greek. Hit Control+G
again, and you switch back to English. If you select
Edit>Preferences>Windows (tab), you can select a Hebrew font and
Hebrew Keyboard if you want to type in Hebrew.

An alternative to using Unicorn (or a more complicated utility such as Tavultesoft Keyman) is the use the TypeGreek.com web utility and a similar TypeHebrew
utility. You can then copy and paste the text into your email. Be
warned however, that some email clients will hash/mash the Greek or
Hebrew Unicode characters.

A more expensive option is the Tavultesoft Keyman utilitiy hich costs about $45, Multikey is a similar free MS Windows based utility.
Louis Sorenson

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>Hello Everybody, 

>I was wondering if anyone could help me? I was wondering if there is a free software program available on the Internet that would allow me to type all forms of Greek >with? Apostrophes, Coronis, Accents (acute, graves, circumflexes) and Diaeresis??? Up until now I have been able to type Greek but not use any accents in my >messages. The only way I can use accents is when writing or translating texts by hand on paper. 

>At present I am using Windows XP and Yahoo mail to type in both Ancient (Classical and Koine) and Modern Greek, but I don?t have a program that will enable me to >use ?Accents?; so I would appreciate some help and advise please? 
>From Andrew Pike

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