[B-Greek] Greek Accents

pk_ndrw at yahoo.co.uk pk_ndrw at yahoo.co.uk
Sat May 23 09:27:35 EDT 2009

Hello Everybody, 
I was wondering if anyone could help me? 
I was wondering if there is a free software program available on the Internet that would allow me to type all forms of Greek with ‘Apostrophes, Coronis, Accents (acute, graves, circumflexes) and Diaeresis?’  Up until now I have been able to type Greek but not use any accents in my messages. The only way I can use accents is when writing or translating texts by hand on paper. 
At present I am using Windows XP and Yahoo mail to type in both Ancient (Classical and Koine) and Modern Greek, but I don’t have a program that will enable me to use ‘Accents’; so I would appreciate some help and advise please? 
>From Andrew Pike 


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