[B-Greek] 2 Cor 3:14b - subject of KATARGEITAI

Elizabeth Kline kline_dekooning at earthlink.net
Mon May 18 18:09:57 EDT 2009

On May 18, 2009, at 12:55 AM, Donald COBB wrote:

> Perhaps, although Ι still maintain that there is probably a deliberte
> ambivalence/ambiguity in Paul's expression (covenant?/veil?) which  
> could
> account for the present. I don't think translating KATARGEITAI as a  
> present
> is problematical: "It is set aside, abolished".

I agree, the objection raised in a number of commentators about the  
present tense being inappropriate if Paul is speaking of the hH PALAIA  
DIAQHKH rests on a somewhat mechanical understanding of the present  

On topic of "deliberte ambivalence/ambiguity"I have some, admittedly  
subjective, thoughts. When I came to this text  a few days ago I not  
studied it in English for decades. Essentially I had lost from memory  
the English language "tradition" on this passage. What struck me was  
the semantic ambiguity in the Greek text as an unavoidable fact. It  
seemed to me that no amount of exegetical effort would make this  
passage say precisely one thing and only one thing to a competent  
reader/auditor in the original target audience. I take this to be a  
feature of the text which was part of the intent of the author. That  
however would be difficult to develop and keep it within the scope of  
the official focus for this forum.

Elizabeth Kline

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