[B-Greek] 2 Cor 3:14b - subject of KATARGEITAI

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> In other words, ANAKALUPTW can, depending on the context, have a meaning quite close to 

And depending on the writer. The word has a curious distribution in the LXX. Whereas APOKALUPTW is 
found evenly distributed from Genesis to Nahum (112 times), although not in Daniel, ANAKALUPTW (28 
times) is only found in Job, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel and a single occurrence in Psalms. Language is 
funny, since morphologically ANAKALUPTW ought to correspond to English "cover up", but "cover up" is 
expressed by KATAKALUPTW. The translator of Isaiah used both APO- and ANA- where it is difficult to 
detect much difference in meaning.

Anyway, we are talking about Paul, and there is no evidence that he used ANAKALUPTW in anything but 
its basic sense of lifting up a veil and thereby uncovering a face, while there is ample evidence 
that he used APOKALUPTW in the sense of reveal. I'll just have to disagree with Mr. Spicq's exegesis 
of this verse.

But thanks for the discussion.

Iver Larsen 

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