[B-Greek] EIDO and BLEPO

Fridolin Janzen fjanzen at gmx.net
Fri May 15 09:53:30 EDT 2009

There is an apparent contradiction between Revelation 5:1, where John says,
"I saw . a scroll .", and 5:3, ". no man . was able . to look upon it", by
the words chosen in translating the Greek. 


If he had seen the book (EIDON) than he had looked upon it (BLEPEIN), or
not? If no one could "look upon it", than John shouldn't have been able


Shouldn't one of the verbs be translated by one of its secondary meanings,
maybe "unveil" for BLEPEIN?

Maybe this question has more to do with translation, but since there is the
definition of Greek terms involved,  I posted it here. 


Thank you!




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