[B-Greek] Present tense for future events (was 1 John 1.9)

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Its not so much that he's rejected it. Its that he's redefined it. The distinctions we 
make between past and present, Porter makes between Remote & Non-remote. 
Porter's view actually results from John Lyons, Semantics Vol 2, page 819-820, 
though he takes the concept in a different direction than Lyons. I actually just wrote 
about this issue with respect to English grammar:


Mike Aubrey

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Iver rejects the Deictic Center position altogether, which I note you accept, as do I. What I'm mystified by is Porter's grasp of deictic indicators AND his rejection of the temporal nature of the Indicative verb system. I think this is why he has not gained a large following. He has to resort to other linguistic phenomena and whatever those are, they are not intuitive or convincing. 

Eddie Mishoe

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