[B-Greek] 1 John 1.9 Ed Glasscock in latest BibSac

Eddie Mishoe edmishoe at yahoo.com
Thu May 7 23:15:55 EDT 2009


The reason we may have gotten off track with the Present Tense of hOMOLOGEW in 1 John 1:9 is more likely due to the fact that it is in a non-temporal-referring Mood (the Subjunctive) and the question was a temporal one; most responders would simply have overlooked this particular instance and addressed Present Tense INDICATIVES in general... that's what I did. The Subjunctive does not create an event on a time line; it addresses Verbal Aspect, not Grammatical Aspect. Grammatical Aspect can be determined with a Subjunctive mood verbal, but such comes from other factors outside the Form of the verb. 

Eddie Mishoe


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